Choosing The Right Solar Motion Light

Choosing The Right Solar Motion Light

There Are Literally Thousands Of Different Solar Motion Lights Available On The Market Today. Like Everything…Not Every Solar Motion Light Is Made The Same…So, Hoe Do You Choose The Right Solar Motion Light For You?

Anatomy Of A Solar Motion Light?

A good solar motion light will include all of the major components that you need to install a complete solar security lighting system right out of the box in just a few minutes without any need for tricky electrical wiring…A good solar motion light, like those from and our partners will include:

  • Ultra-Bright LED Light Fixture
  • IR (Infrared) Motion Detector
  • Battery For Electric Storage
  • Solar Panel For Light Capture & Charging

How To Choose A Solar Motion Light…

Despite popular belief, solar motion lights are not a dime-a-dozen…in fact, there are some solar motion lights that are far superior to others. And…there are tons of solar motion lights to choose from…which means, no matter what your needs and application, there is a solar motion light to meet your needs…

When you are looking for a solar motion light, you want to consider the following points:

  • You need to find a solar motion light that fits within your budget
  • You need to find a solar motion light that does what you need it to: lights up the size area you need to light up, has enough battery backup to last during cloudy days and nights with limited charging, and a motion detector that has a wide/long enough field of vision for the area you want the light to cover
  • You want a solar motion light that includes all of the necessary components, and can be installed in just a moments without any hassles

Each of our solar motion detector lights includes all of the major components needed for installation, including: solar panel, ultra-bright solar security light, battery for electric storage and overcast protection, wiring for quick connection and instructions for quick, hassle-free installation.

That is how you choose the right solar motion light to setup your own solar security lighting system at your home or office.

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